The Team

Peregrine Projects focuses on property development opportunities that offer the potential to create successful investment outcomes and outstanding properties, each with its own unique point of difference.

Peregrine Projects has more than 25 years’ experience as a proudly Melbourne-based firm. Over that period, it has focused on city fringe developments and its specialities span design, development and management of commercial and residential property projects.

Peregrine Projects collaborates with Melbourne’s leading architectural practices, interior designers and engineers to create development outcomes that respond to, and enhance, their individual contexts.


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Jackson Clements Burrows Architects are a design focused studio committed to the delivery of exceptional architecture – including interiors, landscape and urban design. Their projects are never pre-conceived; instead, they are adapted and innovated through the exploration of opportunity, ensuring that every project is unique to its own circumstances.

Architects Statement:
175 Richmond has been imagined as an exciting workplace environment that begins with an activated perimeter streetscape of built-form colonnades and retail possibilities that will ensure a revitalised public realm and a new urban landscape.

“We should have no hesitation to ask ourselves, ‘why is it I feel genuinely good and happy when I am working in these spaces, and being a part of this location?’ The answer should be clear for all to see.”

Tim Jackson
Director, Jackson Clements Burrows Architects


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